14 Adorable DIY Christmas Felt Ornaments For You To Make

With the happy and joyous season of Christmas approaching us so fast, all of us are surely very excited about all the gifts they would receive and all the hidden presents that they will find under their Christmas tree. You can very easily add up to the fun of the children of your household by introducing some pretty and adorable felt ornaments for this Christmas decoration. You do not have to be alarmed, for these will not require a lot of money. We have compiled for you easy to make DIY Christmas felt ornaments that do not need you to dig deep into your pockets.

Get Started With Making These DIY Christmas Felt Ornaments For Your Kids

You can add on to that cozy look on your holiday Christmas tree with pretty and little felt Christmas ornaments in the shape of mittens.

  • To make them, all you need to do is to draw a mitten shape onto a piece of paper and then cut it out.
  • Next, use this pattern from the paper cutout to trace the same design on a layer of wool felt.
  • Then, cut out the top mitten layer from wool felt.
  • Following this process, you can, with much ease, cut out solid shapes from different colors of wool felt.
  • Or you also can try the idea of using wool roving for your decorations.

The above mentioned is just one simple method of making DIY Christmas felt ornaments for your Christmas holiday tree. You can go through our gallery below, and try out the many more options and ideas that we have shared with you.

For this, you need red, green, white, yellow and black colored felt. Design them in perfect shapes as shown as then using strings you can hang them for décor.

Customized Christmas Ornaments

Adorable Embroidery Design

Adorable Embroidery Design Via

Attractive Ornament For Beautiful Christmas Tree

Attractive Ornament For Beautiful Christmas Tree Via

Awesome Owl Ornament

Awesome Owl Ornament Via

Beautifully Embroidered Christmas Ornament

Beautifully Embroidered Christmas Ornament Via

Colorful Christmas Felt Ornaments

Colorful Christmas Felt Ornaments Via

Cutest Christmas Garland

Cutest Christmas Garland Via

Cutest Felt Accessories

Cutest Felt Accessories Via

Decorated With Pom Pom Balls

Decorated With Pom Pom Balls Via

Felt Christmas Robin

Felt Christmas Robin Via

Handcrafted Ornaments For Christmas

Handcrafted Ornaments For Christmas Via

Handmade Felt Ornaments For Christmas

Handmade Felt Ornaments For Christmas Via

Last Minute Felt Ornament To Adore Christmas Tree

Last Minute Felt Ornament To Adore Christmas Tree Via

Lovely Felt Gingerman

Lovely Felt Gingerman Via

Most Amazing Felty Ornaments

Most Amazing Felty Ornaments Via

Perfectly Handstitched

Perfectly Handstitched Via

Personalized Santa Felt Ornament

Personalized Santa Felt Ornament Via

Simple And Easy To Make

Simple And Easy To Make Via

Simply Adorable Ornaments Made Of Felt

Simply Adorable Ornaments Made Of Felt Via

Super Stylish Ornament For Tree

Super Stylish Ornament For Tree Via

Sweet Little Christmas Ornament

Sweet Little Christmas Ornament Via

These are lovely tree décor felt items that you can design at home easily. They look adorable when ready.

Personalized Christmas Ornaments

This cute little felt items using buttons and colorful threads are simply heartwarming.

Babys First Christmas Ornaments

These pretty owl shapes ornaments can easily be made taking the help of online videos.

Custom Christmas Ornaments

For this, you need red color felt, mini buttons, white thread, and ribbons to get started with the craft.

New Home Christmas Ornament

This super cute lovely deer makes an awesome decoration on any gift. Your kids are sure to love this idea.

DIY Christmas Ornaments

Just follow the simple steps and make this craft using simple things at home.

Customizable Christmas Ornaments

Design your own Christmas tree at home using lovely felt items. These cute little Santa and rabbit designs make the craft look more alluring.

Picture Christmas Ornament

For this you need shoe cut out the template, white felt, threads, pom pom balls, and strings.

Babys 1st Christmas Ornament

These are simply gorgeous and adorable pieces to hang anywhere in the room. Take the help of online videos to get them done.

Christmas Ornament Ideas

Craft these simple designs at home using cheap items and stitching materials.

How To Make Christmas Ornaments

This piece looks awesome and makes an eye-catching room décor. Using pearls and other decorative items you can enhance the look even more.

Swarovski Christmas Ornament

Gather all the required items in one place and then design this idea following the steps as shown.

Christmas Ornaments For Kids To Make

This piece is simple as well as artful. Using inexpensive craft items one can make this hanging at home in a few minutes.

East To Make Christmas Ornament Ideas

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