16 Delicious DIY Christmas Cake Ideas For This Year’s Celebration

Christmas is rightly called by all as the season of joy. It is truly in this festive month that people spread their happiness all around. And most of us will agree to the fact that food is a major form of happiness. There has never been an occasion in our lives when the sight of a freshly baked cake had not lit up our faces like the fourth of July. Since we know how much you love to treat your taste buds, we have brought to you the best of DIY Christmas cake ideas. These have been carefully selected and we are sure that you will instantly fall in love with them.

A little peek into history of the Christmas cake

The origin of the practice of baking the Christmas cake dates back to the early Egypt and the ancient Roman empires. It was initially their practice that was taken up by the British people. They finally gave it the form of a Christmas cake baking ritual. It all started with people cooking plum puddings and eating it on the Christmas Eve with their family at dinner.

The more the years passed, the more the recipes began to be invented and modified. Gradually, the Christmas cake began to be made in a wide variety of ways. This was the birth of the classic fruit cake, with red and green as its most important colors. The other colors were not of such importance and used to be altered as per the choice and as per the convenience of the person who was in charge of baking the cakes.

DIY Christmas Cake Ideas Are Here

  1. Reindeer cupcakes
  2. Snowman on the icing
  3. Hot chocolate cakes
  4. Black forest cakes
  5. Cream muffins
  6. Buttery cakes
  7. Ginger bread cakes

We hope that the DIY Christmas cake ideas that we have provided below will surely make your mouth water.

Bake any flavor roll cake at home and decorate with butter cream frosting and other sprinklers.

Bake normal cake in the oven and then apply frosting of your own choice. Decorate using simple craft items.

This chocolate cake is perfect for Christmas celebrations at home. Light up candles on the top while cutting.

This looks super yummy and the chocolate sauce dripping below gives an awesome look to the cake.

Make lovely chocolate shavings at home in the shape of Christmas tree to decorate your home baked cake.

This lovely penguin design looks really nice when decorated on the cake. Take the help of YouTube videos to get the final shape.

Using fresh strawberries and white whipped cream you make the design your make to give it this cute look.

Create this gift box cake at home using fondant frosting and other bakery items for more decoration.

Top your cupcakes with fresh cream and strawberries to get this really nice look.

This design is really unique and is a must try out for your Christmas party at home.

Give your homemade cake this lovely design and then sprinkle coconut and sugar shavings on the top for décor.

This chocolate cake is sure to allure your kids. After baking your chocolate cake decorate with heavy cream and candies.

This scrumptious cake is an idea for the Christmas Eve party at home. Taking the help of online videos give this bakery item a try.

Bake your cake at home using freshly topped red cherries and other berries of your choice for an awesome look.

This one is really innovative and unusual. Your kids are going to love this surprise on Christmas.

Using cookies, cream, cheese, strawberries and chocolate sauce make this mouth watering savory item at home.

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