23 Easy Makeup Tutorials For Beginners

To be able to do one’s own makeup is no great task at all. It requires a few practice checks at home and this can easily be done with help from the basic makeup tutorials for beginners.

Start With The Base Prior To All

Be sure about the amount of coverage that you want on your face. If you have any blemishes or redness on the face of your skin, you should first of all, cover them up with a concealer. If you want light coverage that is suitable for your day to day use, then perhaps a BB cream is the best option for you. In case you want some more long-lasting coverage with a flawless base, then you should consider a foundation of a good quality.

Learn To Match Your Coverage To Your Skin Tone From Basic Makeup Tutorials For Beginners

When it comes to selecting a foundation, your jaw line or your neck can serve as the best platform to get a good color match. If you are still not very sure, you could always pay a visit to make up counter and ask for a trial application from a makeup artist. You do not need to make any expensive purchase immediately. It is wiser to spend the day testing out how it looks under a different lighting and how it feels on your skin.

Next Focus In Your Eye Brows

Choose whether you would like to use powder or a pencil for your brows. Whereas powder will give them a softer look, a pencil will give them a more intense finish. You can easily learn these tips and tricks from the basic makeup tutorials for beginners that we have compiled for you.

Makeup Tutorials For Beginners

Firstly using a light color draw your lids and then apply the violet shade on the upper part. Finally using a pen liner complete the look.

This look is super easy to create. Using simple colors and a kajal pencil you can get it ready in minutes.

To get nicely defined lips use a liner, any color lipstick that you like and then apply the gloss.

Just follow the simple steps as shown to get your everyday eye makeup using normal beauty products.

You can get magical extended eyes with just simple strokes of your pencil liner. The steps are super easy to follow.

For this shimmery look, all you need is an eye makeup brush, pen eye shadow, and golden shiny color pallet.

This one looks really art and vibrant. Just follow the steps using the required products and then attach eye lashes to complete the look.

Simple and soothing colors can do wonders for the eyes. Use different brushes to get the look and finally complete with eyeliner stroke.

This one is really simple and quite helpful for the beginners who have never tried out eye makeup.

Just simple strokes of the kajal and the blend of black and silver pallet color can make you party ready in minutes.

Try out this soothing look during your weekends by grabbing all the items that you need for it.

This one is a full face make up tutorial which can immensely helpful for girls. For this, you need a primer, beauty blender, brush and color pallet.

Redefine your eyes using a blue and cream colored eye shadow, kajal pencils and finally glitters for the extra shine.

To get blush pink eyes you need to follow the simple steps shown and your dramatic eye makeup is ready.

You no longer need an expert to do your eyes when you have a simple tutorial in front of you to help in it.

Start off with a primer, then a silver eye shadow and finally go ahead in smudging the look.

These lovely colors can do magic for the eyes and get you party ready in minutes.

Apply this simple trick of primer and lipstick to get evenly drawn attractive lips for any outing.

This one is super alluring and gorgeous. Blend in the perfect colors as shown starting with a lip balm and then moving forward to the other steps.

Eye makeup is the most crucial part of any makeup for women. The silver shiny eyes are sure to attract anyone.

Using some brushes and beauty blender you can cast this super alluring look easily at home.

Firstly line your lips perfectly using a lip liner and then apply the lipstick to get the perfect finished look.

This full face makeup tutorial is easily available online and if you have all the products at home then it is a must try out.

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