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Akshat & Aseem

First things first, I am in love with content writing. I am a hobby blogger and the big thing- a mother to my twin boys – Akshat and Aseem, who are absolutely fantastic teens now! I love DIY and Fashion- and my love for fashion has motivated me in many ways, both in my personal life and in my career. Something I find in common between fashion, DIY and writing is how unique and creative everyone’s style is. For me personally, I fell in love with DIY projects that were related to fashion before falling headlong in love with everything DIY!

Just like you have the freedom to experiment with your writing- delving into different genres and sub genres- your individual voice will show up in every piece, so it is with fashion. If you are merely copying- that’s not fashion. But when you are adapting a fashion style, you add in your quirks! That is where DIY comes in.

My first DIY project was when I made a last minute daypack for Akshat out of an old t-shirt of his and drawstrings! Of course I had to make one for Aseem as well the very next day! But that’s how my DIY journey started. Instead of throwing out old clothes, I starting sorting fabric and clothes to transform those into a myriad of things like bags, hair bands, wall décor and evencrop tops!

I began to notice that I was pouring over DIY ideas and spending more time saving stuff than working on my own assignments! I was also looking up DIY crafts so I could keep Akshat and Aseem out of trouble and engaged in some fun and creative projects.

Especially, I remember, it was the kids’ summer break in school and they were literally driving me up the wall (like kids always do!), because they were bored! I discourage TV time so I quickly looked up a few websites and videos online for some DIY summer crafts for teens! I got them to collect rocks from the garden and paint ladybug rocks as garden decor. That was their first DIY project! Since then, they have become experts at making paper spinners, pool boats for the bathtub, bubble blowers and what not and my laptops’ storage space is eaten up with hundreds of DIY downloads.

I decided to take up this DIY blogging seriously when I saw that:

  • I needed to clean up and make storage space available on my laptop but did not want to lose the amazing impromptu DIY project collection courtesy my twin boys and me.
  • I could easily start a blog, combining my love for writing, fashion and new found love for DIY!
  • A dedicated time for my blog space gave me enough motivation and helped with managing my time for my freelance writing assignments, housework and fun DIY time with kids!
  • DIY projects save me tons of cash.
  • DIY projects using recyclables and repurposing stuff consciously lessen the burden on Mother Nature as she relentlessly works to break down our mounting landfills and process the loads of our wastefulness.

So, that’s a lot about me and how I discovered that I love DIY projects of all kinds! You can share your stories, your comments and anything you like on the comments section or drop me a mail. Happy DIY-ing! Cheers and stay blessed.