The creative adult is the child that survived

 DIYspins is all about Do-It-Yourself ideas. We believe that if you have the urge to make something, you ought to make it! Especially, in such a technologically driven world, with so much mass production, things that you can make yourself are always special. With DIY ideas, you have so many possibilities to put your own spin on things! Not thrilled about that faded jeans? DIY distressed jeans can perk up your style quotient. Want a raised bed for plants this winter? DIY raised bed with wine cartons is an idea you must try! These are only a couple of examples of how varied and creative you can get with DIY projects.

Exploring DIYSpins – Find the DIY You Love

DIYSpins aims to archive the best of DIY projects across several categories so you can have a platform for all your DIY solutions.

  • DIY Fashion Ideas: You can find DIY fashion items like clothing, accessories like belts, bags, jewelry, hair accessories, hairstyles, nail art and the likes within this category.
  • DIY Home Décor Ideas: Under our decor category, you can find tons of stuff related to exterior and interior decorations. For example, you can find out many DIY picture collage ideas for wall décor, DIY ideas to up cycle bottles, plastic, old fabric etc. into décor items, kitchen hacks and garden hacks that make your life so much easier etc.!
  • DIY Fun Crafts for Kids and Adults: The fun category’s kind of self explanatory: You find loads of DIY ideas for fun crafts that kids can try out as creative engagements!
  • DIY Activities& Crafts for Festivals: Our festival category of DIY ideas contain incredible projects for Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, 4th of July, Easter ,Christmas, Mother’s Day, valentine’s day etc.

Why We Do What We Do?

From transforming old-clothes into stylish bags and modish clothing to making your own garden planters; from decking up your house with brilliant collage ideas and rustic furniture with repurposed junk to making things with kids just for the sheer fun of it-  there is absolutely so much joy in DIY projects.

And that is why this website is to bring to you as many amazing ideas for DIY art and crafts as we can! To share the joy being creative and expressing your self can bring!