25+ Drool-Worthy Back to School Projects that are Too Good to Resist

For the coolest DIY school supplies, check out the amazing crochet backpack flair. Use some ultra-cool crochet pins to add some fun to your customized backpack. If you have been thinking to make some adorable DIY back to school notebooks, then try your hands at the Boss Lady notebook covers, which are great for taking notes and flaunting to your friends.

Encourage your kids to get all creative with upcycled plastic bottles and turning them into lovely zipper cases which also makes for the perfect DIY back to school supplies. The no-sew pencil cases can easily be tossed inside the bag. If you are looking for a smart and genius DIY school supplies for middle school, then consider making the metallic magnets, which the tweens and middle-schoolers would love leaving their lockers with for their friends by spray panting magnets.

Fun to Look at Back to School Crafts

  • The Gingham style pencil pouch is one of the easiest DIY school supplies that ensures the safety of your stationeries. Just gather some sewing equipment, scissors, and fabric for the project and make for a delighting project.
  • An adorable way to make that your kid enjoys at school is by cheering him up with a lovely heartfelt message. One of the best ways is by using some chalkboard paint to paint the interiors of your lunch bag and make a handmade lunchbox with chalkboard.

These back to school DIY projects is not only cute but also budget-friendly. Fetch more ideas on DIY school supplies for back to school in the gallery below.

Bow Tote Tutorial – Get Steps at Lilluna

Bow Tote Tutorial

Button and Felt Zipper Pulls Craft – Get Steps at Momtastic

Button and Felt Zipper Pulls Craft

Cute Patched DIY Laptop Sleeve- Get Steps at Photographybyjrose

Cute Patched DIY Laptop Sleeve

Denim DIY School Notebook Cover- Get Steps at Livingwellmom Denim DIY School Notebook Cover

DIY Chore Board – Get Steps at Handmadecharlotte

DIY Chore Board

Dotted Fabric Handmade Organizer For Craft- Get Steps at Almostsupermom

Dotted Fabric Handmade Organizer For Craft

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Easy Tin Can Crafts

Fabric Bookmark Tutorial – Get Steps at Theribbonretreat

Fabric Bookmark Tutorial

Handcrafted Corkboard And Pushpin Tutorial- Get Steps at Tatertotsandjello

Handcrafted Corkboard And Pushpin Tutorial

Handmade Laptop Case – Get Steps at Vickymyerscreations

Handmade Laptop Case

Harry Potter Clipboard – Get Steps at Instructables

Harry Potter Clipboard

Homework Caddy – Get Steps at Abowlfulloflemons

Homework Caddy

Messenger Bag From Cargo Pants – Get Steps at Noodlehead

Messenger Bag from Cargo Pants

Mini Notebook From A Cereal Box – Get Steps at Cremedelacraft

Mini Notebook From A Cereal Box

Mobile Homework Station – Get Steps at Anightowlblog

Mobile Homework Station

No Sew Fabric Bookmark – Get Steps at Swoodsonsays

No Sew Fabric Bookmark

Notebook Decoration DIY- Get Steps at Rockinstrawberries

Notebook Decoration DIY

Personalized Pillow Wreath for Gifting Teacher- Get Steps at Craftingcheerfully

Personalized Pillow Wreath for Gifting Teacher

Plastic Toy Gold Animal Book Ends- Get Steps at Smartgirlstyle

Plastic Toy Gold Animal Book Ends

Pom Pom Pens – Get Steps at Thecraftyblogstalker

Pom Pom Pens

Printable School Notes – Get Steps at Reasonstoskipthehousework

Printable School Notes

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School Lunch Labels

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Simple Notebook Cover Tutorial – Get Steps at Mypatchwork

Simple Notebook Cover Tutorial

Two Pocket Pencil Pouch – Get Steps at Weallsew

Two Pocket Pencil Pouch

Watermelon Wrapping Paper – Get Steps at Aliceandlois

Watermelon Wrapping Paper