40+ Ideas to Show Love with DIY Christmas Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are excellent ways of showing love and care for your loved ones in an occasion as special as Christmas. The time and art invested in creating the gift baskets create a far better notion of presenting it to someone. With the gallery’s DIY Christmas gift baskets, you would not buy another readymade gift basket from the store. Individual homemade gift baskets are up close and personal and let the receiver enjoy the present with increased reverence for the giver.

Prepare DIY Christmas Gift Basket in a Way That it Connects with the Receiver

You could base the gift baskets on different themes including spa, coffee or tea, Disney and so on.

  • Cupcake or muffin baskets: if your loved one is a complete muffin, make something that resonates with his/her personality!
  • Gift baskets for fathers: fathers are experts when it comes to backyard grill. Why not compile a grill gift basket and bring it over this Christmas?
  • Baby shower gift baskets: this goes for those who are expecting. There is nothing more cherishing than spending a Christmas with pregnancy.
  • The food gift basket: this is for that family who claims itself as a group of foodies.

Try out New Ideas in Making a Christmas Gift Basket

There is no written rule that a gift basket must contain this and that. However, make sure you present the right item to the right people. If someone is head-over-heels for a Hollywood actor, gift him/her a Christmas gift basket based on the particular actor.

Similarly, finding out the likes and dislikes of a person comes in handy when preparing DIY Christmas gift baskets. Have a look at the gallery below, in case you are in need of some refreshments.

Adorable DIY hot cocoa kit Christmas gift basket Via

Adorable DIY hot cocoa kit christmas gift basket

Attractive Christmas gift basket Via

Atractive christmas gift basket

Awesome Christmas gift basket Via

Awesome christmas gift basket

Bath Bombs homemade Christmas gift Via

Bath Bombs homemade christmas gift

Beautiful Christmas gift basket Via

Beautiful christmas gift basket

Best Christmas gift basket Via

Best Christmas gift basket

Candy Bar Bouquet Christmas gift basket Via

Candy Bar Bouquet christmas gift basket

caramel in mason jars with apples Christmas gift Via

caramel in mason jars with apples christmas gift

cheap and easy Christmas gift basket Via

cheap and easy christmas gift basket

Coffee Christmas gift basket Via

Coffee christmas gift basket

Cozy Christmas gift basket Via

Cozy christmas gift basket

Creative homemade Christmas gift basket Via

Creative homemade christmas gift basket

Cute Christmas Cookie gift idea Via

Cute Christmas Cookie gift idea

Disney Fun and Games Christmas Gift Basket Via

Disney Fun and Games christmas Gift Basket

DIY Bubble Bath Christmas Gift Box Via

DIY Bubble Bath christmas Gift Box

DIY Christmas Baskets for Teens Via

DIY Christmas Baskets for Teens

DIY Cookie Basket Made from a Paper Plate  Via

DIY Cookie Basket Made from a Paper Plate

Elegant Christmas gift basket Via

Elegant christmas gift basket

Fantastic ideas Christmas gift basket Via

Fantastic ideas christmas gift basket

Gift in jar Christmas gift basket Via

Gift in jar christmas gift basket

Gorgeous Christmas Gift Baskets  Via

Gorgeous christmas Gift Baskets

Hand crafted Christmas gift basket Via

Hand crafted christmas gift basket

Holiday gift basket  Via

Holiday gift basket

Homemade Christmas Gift basket Via

Homemade Christmas Gift basket

Ice Cream Sundae Christmas gift basket Via

Ice Cream Sundae christmas gift basket

Inexpensive DIY Christmas Gift Basket  Via

Inexpensive DIY christmas Gift Basket

Last minute Christmas gift basket Via

Last minute christmas gift basket

Lavender Favorites Christmas Gift Set Via

Lavender Favourites christmas Gift Set

Lemonade dispenser Christmas gift basket Via

Lemonade dispenser christmas gift basket

Liquor Christmas gift baskets Via

Liquor christmas gift baskets

Mason Jar Christmas gift basket Via

Mason Jar christmas gift basket

Mermaid Christmas gift basket Via

Mermaid christmas gift basket

Nail spa Christmas gift basket Via

Nail spa christmas gift basket

Perfect Christmas gift basket for family Via

Perfect christmas gift basket for family

Rustic Housewarming Christmas Gift Basket Via

Rustic Housewarming christmas Gift Basket

Santa Candy Bouquet Christmas gift basket Via

Santa Candy Bouquet christmas gift basket

Spa Christmas gift basket Via

Spa christmas gift basket

Starbuckscoffee Christmas gift basket Via

Unique Christmas gift basket Via

Unique christmas gift basket

Wine, Cheese And Chocolate Gift Basket Via

Wine, Cheese And Chocolate Gift Basket