25 Handmade DIY Christmas Gifts Ideas for Friends & Family

DIY Christmas gifts are perfect if you are running low on what to gift your loved ones. Make something practical yet cute which could be used and would be loved by your close ones. From your Mother to your best friend, there are some brilliant ideas for you to look around for. If you have not done any homemade gift in the past, here are a compilation of the best creative DIY Christmas gifts to offer you some brilliant inspiration.

DIY Christmas Gifts For Everyone on the List

Homemade gifts are the best but they require a little bit of planning. But, luckily these ideas are really easy to make and would be a great way to show your love. These ideas would not put a pinch on your pocket when thinking about Christmas gifts.

Add Love and Care with Handmade Gift Ideas for Friends

Mason Jar Candle:

These mason jar candles would fill anybody’s home with energised holiday spirits. These peppermint jars are all you need for some holiday kick to your celebrations.

Citrus Sugar Scrub:

A gift that would nourish your Mother’s or friend’s skin. This would be the perfect gift for them which is pretty easy to make. This DIY Christmas gift for mom could be easily made with sugar, coconut oil, and fresh orange zest.

Knit Blanket:

You might find your grandmother gifting you this and your family. Rather than splashing on some expensive store-bought knit blanket, you could make them up by learning. This would be a real heart touching gift for the recipient where they could snuggle in.

House Ornament:

A perfect gift for everyone who hates buying expensive store-bought ornaments. You would be gifting them a way out with origami paper decorations and other types.

These DIY Christmas gifts would be one that comes straight from your heart. For more such easy craft ideas for Christmas gifts, the gallery has plenty.

3d Paper Cabin – Get Steps At Liagriffith

3D Paper Cabin

A pretty upcycled floral suitcase – Get Steps At Prima

A pretty upcycled floral suitcase

Clay & Wood Bracelet Jewelry Boxes – Get Steps At Damasklove

Clay & Wood Bracelet Jewelry Boxes

Colorful Candles – Get Steps At Evermine

Colorful Candles

Denim Pocket Purse – Get Steps At Freetutorial

Denim Pocket Purse

DIY Herb Candles – Get Steps At Gardentherapy

DIY Herb Candles

DIY Mini Frame Magnets – Get Steps At Purelykatie

DIY Mini Frame Magnets

Fabric Clock – Get Steps At Fabricpaperglue

Fabric Clock

Faux Granite Coasters – Get Steps At Itsalwaysautumn

Faux Granite Coasters

Floor Cushion – Get Steps At Bhg

Floor Cushion

Gold Dipped Vase – Get Steps At Twotwentyone

Gold Dipped Vase

Instagram Picture Frame – Get Steps At Smallstuffcounts

Instagram Picture Frame

Lace Cement Votive Holders- Get Steps At Sayyes

Lace Cement Votive Holders

Leather Mason Jar Sleeve – Get Steps At Abeautifulmess

Leather Mason Jar Sleeve

Mini Yarn Bowl – Get Steps At Clubcrafted

Mini Yarn Bowl

Oven Hand Mitt Tutorial – Get Steps At Theidearoom

Oven Hand Mitt Tutorial

Pearl Cluster Necklace – Get Steps At More

Pearl Cluster Necklace

Pedicure In a Jar from – Get Steps At Thegunnysack

Pedicure In a Jar from

Pencil Wreath – Get Steps At Thehomesihavemade

Pencil Wreath

Phone Charging Station – Get Steps At Girljustdiy

Phone Charging Station

Photo Collage Letters – Get Steps At Itsalwaysautumn

Photo Collage Letters

Pom Pom Earrings – Get Steps At Honestlywtf

Pom Pom Earrings

Ric Rac Rose Get Steps At – Get Steps At Theribbonretreat

Ric Rac Rose

T-Shirt Scarf Tutorial – Get Steps At Tidymom

T-Shirt Scarf Tutorial

Wooden Slab Key Holder – Get Steps At Thecraftedlife

Wooden Slab Key Holder

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