25 DIY Keychain Ideas With Remarkable Professional Touches

DIY keychain makes for beautiful pieces that showcase your personality. You would find keychains everywhere, but how to put a personal touch to it? DIY keychains would be the perfect way to make the store-bought one funky and colorful or make one from scratch too. The following ideas would be simple enough for you to try. Even kids would be able to do them. And, not just yourself, these DIY keychain tutorials would help you in making them for your friends too.

Kid-Friendly and Easy to Do DIY Keychain

Test a handful of these ideas which would be amazing gifts for friends and relatives. Also, with personalized keychains, finding the house, car keychains would be easy and not a mess.

DIY Keychain Ideas As Great Gifting Option

Wooden Bead Keychains:

This would be adding a vintage vibe to the keychain. You could get wooden beads anywhere or you could paint some your own and add them to a leather string. Then secure the two ends ensuring they do not get loose. And, this would be cute and an inexpensive way to gift.

Clay Fruit Keychain:

You would find so many miniature food keychains. You could also get clay yourself, give them the fruit shape and color and bake and later varnish. This homemade keychain would be cute and with orange, banana, apple, it could be added to bags and lunch boxes.

Tassel Keychain:

Tassel is now used for earrings, necklaces, then why not as a part of a keychain? Customize them the way you want and this keychain would go great with your handbag. Also, you could add glass beads for sparkle and everyone would be asking you to make some for them.

These DIY keychain would be easy and you would want to craft them in every way possible. For more such DIY keychains for backpacks, there are more in the gallery.

Birdie Keychains – Get Tutorial at Handmadecharlotte

Birdie Keychains

Bottle Cap Keychains – Get Tutorial at Artsyfartsymama

Bottle Cap Keychains

Butterfly Keychains – Get Tutorial at Thediydreamer

Butterfly Keychains

Citrus Pom Pom Keychains – Get Tutorial at Liagriffith

Citrus Pom Pom Keychains

Colorful Keychain – Get Tutorial at Craftingonthefly

Colorful Keychain

Cute Little Sewn Lip Gloss Key Rings – Get Tutorial at Rilosandmimi

Cute Little Sewn Lip Gloss Key Rings

DIY Keyrings – Get Tutorial at Littlebuttondiaries         

DIY Keyrings

Easy Glitter Heart Key Chain DIY – Get Tutorial at Flaxandtwine

Easy Glitter Heart Key Chain DIY

Etched Wooden Heart Keyrings – Get Tutorial at Muminthemadhouse

Etched Wooden Heart Keyrings

Fabulous Keychains – Get Tutorial at Allpeoplequilt

Fabulous Keychains

Funky Fimo Keyrings – Get Tutorial at Bakerross

Funky Fimo Keyrings

Glitter Resin Keychains With Power Words Diy – Get Tutorial at Resincraftsblog

Glitter Resin Keychains With Power Words Diy

Lip Gloss Keychain – Get Tutorial at Buggyandbuddy

Lip Gloss Keychain

Macrame Rainbow Keychains – Get Tutorial at Abubblylife

Macrame Rainbow Keychains

Monogrammed Wooden Keychains – Get Tutorial at Positivelysplendid

Monogrammed Wooden Keychains

Ombre Tassels Keychain – Get Tutorial at Thecraftables

Ombre Tassels Keychain

Pineapple Key Chains – Get Tutorial at Karenkavett

Pineapple Key Chains

Pom-Pom Keychains – Get Tutorial at Liagriffith

Pom-Pom Keychains

Resin & Glitter Keychain – Get Tutorial at Weregoingtomakeit

Resin & Glitter Keychain

Ribbon Keychains – Get Tutorial at Prettylifegirls

Ribbon Keychains

Rope Tassel Keychains – Get Tutorial at Aliceandlois

Rope Tassel Keychains

Simple Dyed DIY Macrame Keychains – Get Tutorial at Darice

Simple Dyed DIY Macrame Keychains

Wood Burned Personalized Keychains – Get Tutorial at Prettyhandygirl

Wood Burned Personalized Keychains

Wooden Bead Keychain – Get Tutorial at Thesweetestoccasion

Wooden Bead Keychain

Wrist Strap Keychains – Get Tutorial at Sewcanshe

Wrist Strap Keychains

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