60+ Endearing DIY Mugs Ideas For The Crafter In You

Whether you gift them to a near and dear one or use them to entertain guests, personalized mugs are the cute must-have every home-maker is talking about. They are really inexpensive and the best part is that if you handle them carefully enough, the designs would stay for a long time. If you want to start your own personalized mugs collection, check out these DIY mugs ideas.

How To Make Your DIY Mugs

  1. Get some mugs from a thrift store or an online store. They are usually very cheap. While white is not a compulsory color, they usually look good with any design. So consider getting some white colored mugs.
  2. Use oil-based paint markers to design them. Normal sharpie markers would wash away with water even if you bake them so try using oil-based paint markers.

DIY Mugs Ideas With Monogram Stencils

Just take a scrapbook sticker with a monogram and paste it on the mug. Now make dots around it with the help of an oil-based sharpie. Once you are satisfied, remove the sticker. Turn the oven to 350 and bake the mugs for thirty minutes. Your adorable mugs are ready now.

You can check out these DIY mugs ideas to get more inspiration. Happy crafting!

Adorable Hand-Written Coffee Mug Via

Adorable Hand-Written Coffee Mug

Adorable Sharpie Mugs DIY Via

Adorable Sharpie Mugs DIY

Animal Mask Mug Via

Animal Mask Mug

Artistic Ceramic Mug Via

Artistic Ceramic Mug

Artistic Designer Watercolor Mug Via

Artistic Designer Watercolor Mug

Attractive Glitter Mug Via

Attractive Glitter Mug

Awesome Colorful Glitter Mugs Via

Awesome Colourful Glitter Mugs

Beautiful Animal Painted Mugs For Kids Via

Beautiful Animal Painted Mugs For Kids

Beautiful Heart Design Coffee Mugs Via

Beautiful Heart Design Coffee Mugs

Beautifully Watercolor Painted Mugs Via

Beautifully Watercolor Painted Mugs - Copy

Birch Trees Coffee Mugs Via

Birch Trees Coffee Mugs

Black And White Painted Mug Via

Black And White Painted Mug

Cassandra Clare Symbol  Via

Cassandra Clare Symbol

Coffee Ceramic Mug Via

Coffee Ceramic Mug

Colorful Coffee Mug Via

Colorful Coffee Mug

Colorful Hand Painted Mug Via

Colorful Hand Painted Mug

Cool DIY Beautiful Minion Mug Via

Cool DIY Beautiful Minion Mug

Creative DIY Animal Painted Mugs Via

Creative DIY Animal Painted Mugs

Customized Name Mugs Via

Customized Name Mugs

Cute Animal Painted Mug Via

Cute Animal Painted Mug

DIY Mugs Decorated With Polymer Clay Via

DIY Mugs Decorated With Polymer Clay

Dots Hand Painted Mug Via

Dots Hand Painted Mug

Dotted Mug Via

Dotted Mug

Easy Golden Hand Painted Mug Via

Easy Golden Hand Painted Mug

Floral Painted Mugs Via

Floral Painted Mugs - Copy

For Mom Mug Via

For Mom Mug

Golden Marker Painted Mug Via

Golden Marker Painted Mug

Golden Pen Painted Mug Via

Golden Pen Painted Mug

Graffiti Mug Art Via

Graffiti Mug Art

Hand Written Mug Via

Hand Written Mug

Hand-Drawn Customized Coffee Mug Via

Hand-Drawn Customized Coffee Mug

Handpainted Cactus Mug Via

Handpainted Cactus Mug

Heart Shaped Mug In Binary Code Via

Heart Shaped Mug In Binary Code

Jack Skellington Mugs Via

Jack Skellington Mugs

Lovely  Snow Man Mug Via

Lovely Snow Man Mug

Mermaid Decor Coffee Mug Via

Mermaid Decor Coffee Mug

Message Written On Mug Via

Message Written On Mug

Nail Paint Marbling Mugs Via

Nail Paint Marbling Mugs

Nail Polish Painted Mug Via

Nail Polish Painted Mug

Painted Mandala Mug Via

Painted Mandala Mug - Copy

Painted Polka Dot Mugs Via

Painted Polka Dot Mugs

Perfect Watercolor Quoted Mug Via

Perfect Watercolour Quoted Mug

Personalized DIY Mug Via

Personalized DIY Mug

Personalized Hand Written Mugs Via

Personalized Hand Written Mugs 38

Pretty Animal Mugs Via

Pretty Animal Mugs

Pretty Water Marble Mug Via

Pretty Water Marble Mug

Ravishing Couple Mugs Via

Ravishing Couple Mugs

Reindeer Thumb Print Mug Via

Reindeer Thumb Print Mug

Simple Custom Made Mug For Mom Via

Simple Custom Made Mug For Mom

Simple DIY Mug Via

Simple DIY Mug

Sip-Hop Mug Via

Sip-Hop Mug

Smiley Mugs Via

Smiley Mugs

Smiling Faces Mugs Via

Smiling Faces Mugs

Snoopy Coffee Mug Via

Snoopy Coffee Mug

Snowflake Coffee Mug Via

Snowflake Coffee Mug

Spiderman Mug For Kids Via

Spiderman Mug For Kids 37

Spooky Mugs Via

Spooky Mugs

Super Cute Kitty Mug Via

Super Cute Kitty Mug

Superb Hand Written Mug Via

Superb Hand Written Mug

Superbly Painted Ceramic Mugs Via

Superbly Painted Ceramic Mugs

Unique DIY Pun Mug Via

Unique DIY Pun Mug

Valentine Heart Painted Mugs Via

Valentine Heart Painted Mugs

Vinyl Personalized DIY Mug Via

Vinyl Personalized DIY Mug