20+ DIY Photo Gifts That Are Super Easy To Make

DIY photo gifts are an exceptional way to use those photos that you have stored on your computer or phone. You could turn them into beautiful keepsake as DIY photo gifts for boyfriend. Making them an enduring souvenir would help in expressing your adoration and consideration too.

Easy DIY Photo Gifts for Adults

Your family and friends would cherish this DIY photo crafts. Not just photo gifts, you could use them as decorative pieces. Make a sturdy ornamental item for your residence while it comes to creative things to do with photos. Here are some creative DIY gifts which are easy to do and you could feel inspired by.

Creative DIY Photo Gifts for Mom

  • Decorative Photo Candle:

Using a wax paper barrier, using embossing gum, this would be the perfect DIY photo gift. Inexpensive, this would be one of the easiest gifts that you could go for.

  • Photo Hoop:

This would be one of the most creative DIY gifts you could go for. This would be a striking way to showcase your recollections and the most treasured photos.

  • Photo Fridge Magnets:

This can be done together by adults as well as youngsters. Taking bottle caps, you could make them into fridge magnets matching with your personality. Add a dose of custom color and you could use them as a keepsake for your closed ones.

  • DIY Photo Pendants:

Cutting back a little cash, you could acquire a simple pendant. Add your treasured picture with the recipient. This would be a wonderful gift that you could use as DIY photo gifts for grandparents.

  • DIY Photo Letters:

Make alphabet letters special with vintage photos. It would make a strong statement for any kind of home decor. Creative and super effortless, it would be inside your budget too.

There are so many DIY photo gift ideas that you could explore in the gallery below. Let yourself feel encouraged and create significant gifts for treasured ones.

Concertina Fold Photobook – Get Steps at Katescreativespace

Concertina Fold Photobook

Creative Invitation Photo Case – Get Steps at Voyagesofthecreativevariety

Creative Invitation Photo Case

Cube Photo Ornaments – Get Steps at Sugarpickledesigns

Cube Photo Ornaments

DIY Photo Mug – Get Steps at Oldsaltfarm

DIY Photo Mug

Do it Yourself Brag Book- Get Steps at Nalleshouse

Do it Yourself Brag Book

Embroidery Hoop Photo Display – Get Steps at Thebudgetsavvybride

Embroidery Hoop Photo Display

Glass Jar Photo Holder Gift Idea – Get Steps at Raggedy

Glass Jar Photo Holder Gift Idea

Handcrafted Photo Planters – Get Steps at Ehow

Handcrafted Photo Planters

Handmade Floating Picture Frames – Get Steps at BHG

Handmade Floating Picture Frames

Heart Photo Display – Get Steps at Itsalwaysautumn

Heart Photo Display

Keepsake Display Photo Gift- Get Steps at Shanty

Keepsake Display Photo Gift

Keychain Photo Charms – Get Steps at Rhythmsofplay

Keychain Photo Charms

Mason jar Picture Frame Vase – Get Steps at Homestoriesatoz

Mason Jar Picture Frame Vase

Mini Photo Album – Get Steps at Polkadotchair

Mini Photo Album

Personal Picture Clocks – Get Steps at Rosyredbuttons

Personal Picture Clocks

Personalized Photo Coasters – Get Steps at Beautyandbedlam

Personalized Photo Coasters

Photo Candles DIY – Get Steps at Lovethispic

Photo Candles DIY

Photo Tie Patches – Get Steps at Somethingturquoise

Photo Tie Patches

Popsicle Stick Frames – Get Steps at Eighteen25

Popsicle Stick Frames

Transfer Photo To Wood – Get Steps at Designertrapped

Transfer Photo to Wood

Wall Hanging Photo Gift- Get Steps at Homeyohmy

Wall Hanging Photo Gift

Wood Photo Transfer Keepsake Craft – Get Steps at Ssww

Wood Photo Transfer Keepsake Craft

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