30+ Creative DIY Pumpkins Ideas which are Effortless

Carving DIY pumpkins have always been a huge part of Halloween. But calling it just pumpkin decorating would not suffice. With carving the DIY outdoor pumpkin, you get to spend quality time with your family. This helps in making the whole decorating process a whole lot easier and fun. And there are so many DIY pumpkin carving ideas that you could go for.

Celebrate Halloween with DIY Giant Pumpkins Decorating Ideas

Here are some which would help you in bringing a unique twist in your next Halloween. You could paint them or use them as a part of your Halloween theme party. Below are some ideas to help you bring some envy from your neighbors when you would be hanging them.

Easy DIY Fabric Pumpkins Decorations Which Stand Out 

Pumpkin Candle Holder:

This would be a classic project that you could take a notch higher. You could add some glitter sprinkles to the pumpkins and this would reflect when you would be lighting the candles. A perfect piece that would be glowing in the dark. Though a classic project, you would be adding a twist to it.

Tight Lace Pumpkin:

If you have old tights, you should not throw them away. This would be a great DIY outdoor pumpkin idea for your patio or your yard. Using the lace from the stocking, you could wrap the pumpkin in it.

Wood Pumpkins:

If you have spare wood left in the garage, this could be turned into something different. You would love the rustic feeling that these wood pumpkins would bring to your home.

Corn Husk Pumpkin:

If you have corn husk lying around the home, use them to decorate your pumpkin or wrap it in. This would be a perfect look for the dinner table. They give off a simple organic look that you do not want to miss.

Thus, these are some of the DIY pumpkin tutorials that you could go for. This would help in making your Halloween a memorable one with family. Do not forget to browse and get some genius DIY pumpkin hacks on how to decorate your pumpkin.

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