19 DIY Straw Crafts which are Amazingly Brilliant

DIY straw crafts would be a fun way to spend your summer vacation creatively and in innovative ways. Yes, you got it right. Even old straw that you have used for drinking could be used to create some fun art and crafts. Believe for yourself the unique easy crafts with straw that you could go for.

Fun and Exciting DIY Straw Crafts to Make

Just like you would be spending your summer with summer drinks and lounging by the pool. The straws that you would use, do not toss them away. You could create fancy art without treating them as waste.

Cool Things to Make with Straw Art Ideas

  • Starburst Ornaments:

You could get colored straws to make this beautiful starburst to help you impress loved ones. This would look like a decorative piece as well. All you would require would be a pair of scissors and zip ties.

  • Straw Necklace:

If you have some bendy straws, then you would be up for making some straw necklaces. With triangle links, the necklace would be great for your little girl to wear for any summer outdoor party.

  • Firework Art:

Straws could also be used to create beautiful art. This would be perfect for your 4th of July celebration where you could imprint the straw on the paper by coloring them blue, red, and white. With different color combinations, you could use it for different seasons.

  • Striped Frame:

You may have heard of this idea before. These drinking straw craft ideas are a great way to keep your child busy. You could mix and match with the color of the straws to create a beautiful picture frame.

Use these DIY straw crafts when you know what you could do with the loads of straws that you would be collecting during the summer. It would be quite fun and intriguing. Learn how to make a straw basket to spend your time efficiently.

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