40 Cool and Kid’s Friendly DIY Summer Projects to Prep Your Kids for Sunshine and Warm Weather

We all love summers, but the best thing about summer is undoubtedly some cool and fun-to-do DIY summer projects. The family picnics in the lawn, barbecues to spice up summer evenings, sunbathing at the beaches and cute flip-flops, summer are filled with joy and enjoyable activities. However, multiple easy summer crafts would instantly turn summer breaks for your kids super engaging.

The only best way to stop your kids from lazing around in the couches with smartphones is to engage them with some of these riveting and easy DIY summer projects for kids.

Lovely DIY Summer Projects to Fill your Vacation with Fun

Choose to fly some stars happily over your summer table, with adorable star bunting. Cut out stars from vintage or new bandanas and hang them for warm summer morning brunches. You can con consider making some oversized fabric pinwheels if you wish to create some easy DIY summer activities with your kids.

These fabric pinwheels are one of the easy summer projects for kids that can be given a patriotic twist and be added for your 4th of July display. Think of turning your festive vibe into a different level by adorning your bar or buffet with simple yet pretty paper straw garlands. You can create personalized table settings for your mid-summer kid’s party with some moon print place cards and napkins.

Easy DIY Summer Activities for Kids and Adults Alike

  • Celebrate the summer vacation by decking a simple candle with blue, red and white star pins, by simply inserting pins into the candle sides.
  • You can now keep your favorite ice-cream in style by filling water balloons with freeze and water. Place the balloons in the tray and nestle in your ice-cream.
  • Go for a stylish spool monogram for a beautiful summer craft Pick your letter from either your last or first initial and cut the same from the cardboard and glue it to a vibrant spool arrangement to the surface.

This fun and exciting DIY summer projects are sure to send adrenaline rush to your bones while you sit down to craft them. Fetch more ideas on easy summer crafts from the gallery below.


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